Our vision is to give every piece of real estate an online home in a beautiful, useful, realistic, and emotionally engaging way. We empower those looking to buy or rent real estate to truly understand a property’s appropriateness for their needs while driving excitement about the property. We operate at the intersection of technology and design, delivering the future of real estate marketing today while elevating the brands of the photographers and real estate professionals that depend on our platform.

We are craftsman, makers and doers who have a passion for using technology to the best of our ability. We love our customers and are dedicated to providing solutions that streamline their business and life.

With our business model, we grow only when our customers grow, so we all have the same goal. Our users have uploaded more than 6 million photos and videos, and their tours have been viewed over 60 million times. We always incorporate photographer feedback into our feature development process, so we ensure that our vision is aligned with industry needs.

Our Leadership

Tourbuzz was founded by Alan Pinstein and Paul Rodman, two technology veterans each with more than 15 years of internet startup experience. Alan and Paul are active, hands-on leaders, who thrive on providing high-quality, cutting-edge technology to their users. They also insist on providing excellent customer service.